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Please leave your questions and comments about the new Sanditz online booking tool here. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

4 thoughts on “Sanditz Online Booking Tool

  1. I spent three hours today trying to book hotels for a trip. I have to reserve 5 different hotels and each time I come to the end I cannot book my hotels. I had to reserve each hotel room, enter CC information and travel approval coding only to have it say one hotel does not conform or something. The only one I could get reserve is the one that is not in your system. I cannot even see a number to call to have Sanditz take care of it for me.

  2. If you are ever experiencing issues with the Sanditz online booking tool feel free to call Sanditz directly at 1-877-826-6733. This number can be found on the Sanditz page under Booking Agencies, as well as the Sanditz F.A.Q. page.

  3. I was trying to book a mini-van using the online system, which is within the policy as I just confirmed with the travel services department. But the system wouldn’t allow me, so that I have to call in. I believe that I paid quite some service fee for this reservation. I am fine with this one-time thing, but I hope that Sanditz could update their system next time so that I don’t have to call in and pay the extra fee.

  4. Hi Liang,

    There are no service fees charged when booking rental vehicles so you don’t have to worry about being charged extra for calling in instead of booking online. Also, if you ever need to call in to book airfare or hotels because there is an error with the booking tool please let us know, the higher agent assist fee will be waived and you should only be charged the standard fee for booking online. Please contact if you have any additional questions.

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