Update on Travel Ban


Even though a partial repeal of the North Carolina law requiring transgender people to use public bathrooms matching their gender was repealed in March, the Governor Malloy’s Executive Orders banning travel to the states of North Carolina and Mississippi will continue to be in effect until further notice.

In order to assure consistency, decisions about approving travel under the Orders will continue to be made centrally.


The University requires pre approval for travel to North Carolina or Mississippi.  Travel without pre approval may result in the traveler being denied reimbursement.

At Storrs, the regional campuses and the Law school, requests for travel to North Carolina or Mississippi should be submitted to the Controller (Charles Eaton) via email at Charles.Eaton@uconn.edu.  His office and General Counsel will collaborate to review individual requests for travel to North Carolina or Mississippi and determine whether they may be approved.

The existing process requires pre-approval for travel. The pre-approval must be submitted to the Controller (Chad Bianchi) via email at bianchi@uchc.edu or the CFO (Jeff Geoghegan) at geoghegan@uchc.edu.

Requests for travel to North Carolina or Mississippi should be submitted as all travel requests normally are.  There is no special procedure for submission.  The review process will include a determination regarding the application of the Order which will include collaboration with the General Counsel.


– Travel funded by certain non-state funds (e.g. federal grants or private industry contracts) will be approved. The ban applies to use of other University funds including both block grant and tuition. It also applies to use of Bradley parking passes, which are funded directly by the state.

– Travel in which North Carolina or Mississippi is only a layover for a change of planes is not travel “to” that state and does not come within the ban.

Travelers, particularly for academic or research purposes, should not assume their request for travel to North Carolina or Mississippi on state funds will be denied, but should instead submit for review prior to booking the travel.