UPDATE: Concur Pilot for March 30, 2020

In February, we announced that campus go-live for the Concur Travel and Expense project was being delayed in order to assess several implementation choices based on feedback obtained through our project pilot. The following represent the key course corrections that the project is taking. The pre-travel approval workflow is being retained to help the community satisfy requirements associated with pending travel policy updates, but it is being simplified. The project will minimize the number of required elements to only those necessary to establish broad details of the trip for supervisor review. The approval workflow will continue through to the expense report, but consistent with vendor recommended implementation best practices, the approval workflow will not be part of booking. The community will be able to utilize the Concur booking module independent of the approval workflow. Further, the system will permit booking through other travel management companies to increase flexibility while the community acclimates to Concur. Implementation changes will also be introduced to reduce the number of approvals and other touch points. Perfunctory steps are being eliminated and the project is carefully modifying mandatory workflow to specifically streamline the supervisor role. We believe these changes are responsive to the feedback developed through the pilot phase of the project.

The project team has been hard at work implementing the system updates and the new go-live date for the Concur Travel and Expense solution is scheduled for April 22, 2020. We have carefully considered moving early adopters into the system ahead of go-live but have elected not to pursue this option. Instead, project resources are fully committed to pursuing an aggressive timeline that minimizes the delay with respect to the earlier delivery date. Please approach us directly if this poses an undue hardship for your area.

We encourage all employees to monitor the Daily Digest as well as future email communications for upcoming change management activities. Virtual Town Halls will be conducted in the coming weeks and virtual training for the Storrs and Regional campuses will begin on April 1, 2020. You may visit the Travel and Expense Project page or the Professional Development Training page directly to register for the training session(s) most applicable to you.


Please do not hesitate to contact us or the project team if you have comments, questions, or concerns.

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