Travel That Includes Personal Time

When combining business and personal travel please follow the guidelines below.

If you are planning to have combined personal and business travel, a price comparison must be done in Concur at the time of booking. If the price of the combined travel is less than or equal to the business travel alone, you can use your Travel Card to book in Concur or with Anthony Travel. If the travel including personal time exceeds the business portion, you must pay personally for the whole trip and submit for reimbursement for the business portion only. Anthony Travel cannot assist with personal travel arrangements. Please refer to this link for assistance: Guide to Obtaining a Price Comparison

Please bear in mind that no personal hotel lodging should be charged to the Travel Card. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to work with the hotel to ensure that only the nights related to business travel are charged on the Travel Card, and nights related to personal travel go on a personal card. When traveling with a significant other or family, you cannot book their travel within Concur or utilize Anthony Travel.