Concur Visual Theme Update

The Concur Travel System will be updating the visual theme of your signed-in web experience. Starting October 2nd, 2023, you will see a refreshed look and feel while navigating the application. New features in this update include:

-Improved design consistency, aligning with the Concur Mobile App.

-Light Mode, Dark Mode, and high contrast theme options, creating a more inclusive and accessible experience.

    Functionality of Concur is not expected to change with this update, but you will notice that some buttons and features are in a new location. To change your Concur visual theme setting on the web after October 2nd, 2023, follow these steps:

    1. After signing into Concur, go to Profile Settings.
    2. Under Profile Options, click System Settings.
    3. Under Appearance Settings, use the drop-down to select your preferred theme and click Save.


    **Note: The current legacy theme (Concur Gateway) is an available option, however, this theme is scheduled to be deactivated permanently in Q1 of 2024.

    Concur has also provided a demo video, walking you through the new experience. Questions about the update can be sent to

    Upcoming Informational Sessions With Anthony Travel

    On September 13th and 26th Crystal Timmerman from Anthony Travel will be presenting an overview of Concur Travel and booking.

    The following topics will be covered in this session:

    • Concur Travel
      • Updating Traveler Profile
        • Traveler Preferences
        • Cell Phone Number
        • Traveler Arranger
        • Credit Card
      • Booking Groups/Conference Rates
      • Booking Guests
      • Important Contact Information
      • Unused Ticket
    • Benefits of Booking within Program
    • Travel Industry Updates
    • Local Direct Bill Hotel

    Wednesday 9/13 10:00am – 11:30am Click Here to Register  Recording of 9/13 Session with Anthony Travel

    Tuesday 9/26 1:30pm – 3:00pm Click Here to Register

    Travel That Includes Personal Time

    When combining business and personal travel please follow the guidelines below.

    If you are planning to have combined personal and business travel, a price comparison must be done in Concur at the time of booking. If the price of the combined travel is less than or equal to the business travel alone, you can use your Travel Card to book in Concur or with Anthony Travel. If the travel including personal time exceeds the business portion, you must pay personally for the whole trip and submit for reimbursement for the business portion only. Anthony Travel cannot assist with personal travel arrangements. Please refer to this link for assistance: Guide to Obtaining a Price Comparison

    Please bear in mind that no personal hotel lodging should be charged to the Travel Card. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to work with the hotel to ensure that only the nights related to business travel are charged on the Travel Card, and nights related to personal travel go on a personal card. When traveling with a significant other or family, you cannot book their travel within Concur or utilize Anthony Travel.

    Adding Attendees to Your CBS Report

    To align with the expense reports on the Travel side, we have given you the ability to add your attendees to Business Meals (Non Catered) and Catering expenses on a Company Billed Statement Report. This will eliminate the need for a Business Meal Preapproval Form. If the Attendees link does not display in that expense, please change the expense type and then change it back to the original expense type. This happens when the report was created prior to the change for adding attendees.

    Rail Travel Now Available in Concur

    You can now book Amtrak using the Concur Booking Module. Rail travel is now integrated into Concur to provide a complete travel booking experience. To book rail in Concur, please click on the rail icon in the booking tool.

    New Guest and Student Lodging Expense Type

    In efforts to incorporate your feedback and provide a solution, expense reports submitted for Guests and Students can utilize the new Lodging-Guest expense type. This expense type will remove the requirement of an itinerary for reports submitted on behalf of Guests and Students. With this update, it will now solve the issue with overlapping itineraries if there are multiple Guests or Students who were traveling on the same dates.

    Know Your Limits

    In an effort to avoid card declines, we ask that travelers know their Travel Card limits before booking and going on business travel. To confirm your card limit, you can access your Travel Card Request Form linked below.

    Travel Card Request Form



    Concur Data Now Available in KFDM

    Users will have access to a new data source in Kuali Financial Data Mart (KFDM) containing information from the Concur Travel and Expense Management System as well as two standard reports.   This will provide greater visibility and detail into an area’s travel, PCard and non-travel expenditures.  Please visit Concur KFDM for more information.

    Launch of the Concur New User Interface

    We are excited to announce that Concur Expense will be launching an updated User Interface (UI) soon that will make processing Requests and Expense Reports (including CBS (ProCard), Travel, and Non-travel Expense Reports) quicker and easier.  This new UI will Go Live to the entire UConn community on August 24th.

    The new UI will include a cleaner and streamlined change of layout, which will offer a more intuitive and easier to navigate page.  We encourage everyone to visit the user welcome page in Concur for more details about these exciting upcoming improvements.

    As well, please visit the “New” Job Aids under Training and Resources (labeled NEW UX) available at including the latest instructional job aid titled Old vs. New UX.

    As always, our Travel and Card Service Center is here to help if you need additional assistance.

    Thank you and Safe Travels!

    IRS increases mileage rate for remainder of 2022

    For the final 6 months of 2022, the standard mileage rate for business travel will be 62.5 cents per mile, up 4 cents from the rate effective at the start of the year. For more information please visit the IRS website.