Travel Ban

COVID-19 Travel Update

Governor Lamont sent executive branch agency heads a directive designed to help prevent and delay COVID-19 in Connecticut, including freezing employee travel on state business.

University-Sponsored Travel Outside of Connecticut is Suspended: Though not an executive branch agency, UConn wishes to act in keeping with the governor’s goals. Effective immediately, all domestic and international, university-sponsored travel outside of the state by faculty and staff is suspended until further notice. Any exception needs to be approved by university leadership. Continue reading

North Carolina and Mississippi Travel Ban Update

Governor Malloy issued Executive Orders which remain in effect and ban travel to North Carolina and Mississippi using state funds except in limited circumstances.  To travel to these states, pre-approval is still required. Travel without pre-approval may result in the traveler being denied reimbursement.

At Storrs, the regional campuses and the law school, requests for travel to North Carolina or Mississippi, no matter the source of funds, should be submitted to the Associate Vice President of Procurement Services (Gregory Daniels) via email at  for review.

At UConn Health, pre-approval requests for travel to North Carolina or Mississippi, regardless of funding source, should be submitted to the Controller, Chad Bianchi, at  To avoid unnecessary rework, requests should be submitted before beginning the pre-approval process.

Requests for travel to North Carolina or Mississippi should be submitted via email.  For your request to be considered, you must also provide the purpose of the trip, the names of facilities at which you plan to stay, and all proposed funding sources for the travel (FOAPALs).

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Update on Travel Ban


Even though a partial repeal of the North Carolina law requiring transgender people to use public bathrooms matching their gender was repealed in March, the Governor Malloy’s Executive Orders banning travel to the states of North Carolina and Mississippi will continue to be in effect until further notice.

In order to assure consistency, decisions about approving travel under the Orders will continue to be made centrally. Continue reading