Enterprise/National Car Rental Shortage

We encourage travelers to reserve car rental bookings as early as possible due to the car rental inventory shortage which is currently affecting Travel industry.

As a result of Covid19 risk mitigating measures, travelers across the United States have recently been choosing the option of booking a car rental in lieu of flying. Additionally, a shortage of new vehicles due to semiconductor computer chips being unavailable to auto manufacturers have also played a factor in the car inventory issues that are being seen today.

Enterprise/National has advised that all travelers should reserve a vehicle as soon as they think they may be requiring a rental. The reservation can be canceled at any time without penalty.

If you encounter a sold-out situation in Concur when trying to book, please contact our dedicated Anthony Travel agent to request assistance with booking the rental as Anthony Travel may be able to work with our Enterprise/National account representative to secure the booking.

Enterprise-National car rental shortage