Travel Update: Increased Travel Cancellations Due to Covid19

We have recently seen an uptick in the number of people cancelling travel plans because conferences and meetings originally scheduled to be in-person events are being converted to online formats due to the increased concerns and risks related to the delta variant of Covid-19.

Travelers should consider these risks prior to making travel arrangements to prevent booking a non-refundable flight or hotel room that you may need to cancel.

We strongly recommend reaching out to the conference or meeting organizers prior to booking travel arrangements to inquire about the possibility of the conference being changed to a virtual event.

Finding out how many people are registered to attend the conference in person may also provide an indication of the likelihood that the conference may be converted to an online format if in-person attendance is expected to be low due to Covid-19 concerns.

If you decide to proceed with booking your trip, we strongly recommend that all University travel is booked through Concur or our travel management company, Anthony Travel, using the University-sponsored Travel card.

Booking travel through Concur or with Anthony Travel provides UConn with the greatest opportunity to exchange a non-refundable flight or hotel room and reduce or eliminate any financial loss to the University due to unexpected cancellation.

Cancelled travel arrangements booked using a personal credit card cannot be submitted for reimbursement until the purchaser uses the unused ticket credit for another UConn business flight or the unused ticket credit they received expires.  This restriction is in effect even if the travel was booked through Concur or Anthony Travel.

Step by step instructions on how to reconcile expenses for cancelled trips in Concur are available on our training and resources page and also linked here: Expensing a cancelled trip