*New* Student Travel Card Program

In an effort to incorporate your feedback and provide an enhanced solution for Student Travel we are excited to announce the new Student Travel Card program and process that will replace the current Student Declining balance card program effective today January 18th, 2022. Graduate Assistants, Graduate Interns and Post-Docs will continue to use the employee process and the employee Travel cards.

Here are some Key highlights of the new program:

  1. Students can now use their Student Travel Cards to pay for individual actual meal expenses up to the daily allowable per diem amount if not claiming per diem reimbursement.
  2. Students can also use their Student Travel Card to pay for other incidental expenses such as Airline Baggage Fees, Ground Transportation, Parking, Car rental gas, etc.
  3. Student Travel Cards will be valid for 3 years from the original date of issue.
  4. The Student Travel Card request is initiated via Creating a Travel request in the student’s profile in Concur with the estimated expenses expected to be covered by the Student Travel Card. The Student’s request should not include estimates for Airfare, Car rental or hotel expenses as those will be covered by an Employee using their own employee travel card.
  5. Students will receive an email with a link to the Student Travel Card training (must be completed at least once per year) and link to complete the Student Travel Card request form that has been initiated from the request submitting in Concur.
  6. The amounts to be loaded on the Student Travel Card is determined by the estimated expenses entered on the student’s travel request in concur within their own profile. Students will also subsequently submit an expense report in their own profile upon return from the trip to reconcile their Student travel card expenses plus any other out of pocket reimbursements.
  7. The Student Travel Card will be active for use from the business start date to the business end date of each trip. After the Business end date of the trip the Student Travel Card limit will be reduced to $1.
  8.  When the Student is ready to for funds to be loaded for a new trip, the student will then submit a new Concur Travel Request with the estimates of the expenses expected to be loaded on their Student travel card.
  9. The student will again receive an email with the Student Travel Card request form, however, this time they must select Update at the top of the form and enter the last four (4) digits of their current Student Travel Card so that the Card will be loaded with the estimate funds for the upcoming trip to be available from the Business Start to Business End dates of the Concur Travel request.
  10. Employees will purchase Airfare and hotel with their own Employee Travel Cards for students and will direct bill car rental reservations to UConn through Anthony Travel (the employee will also submit a request and subsequent expense report in their own profile for these expenses charged to the employee Travel Card).
  11. If a student separates from the University prior to the 3 years that the card is valid for use the student must contact the Student Travel Card Administrator to close the Student Travel Card account at pcard@uconn.edu and reconcile any outstanding Student Travel Card transactions in Concur prior to their departure.

Additional information is available at the links below:

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Creating a Student Travel Request

Creating an Expense report (employee booking will use this for instructions on how to reconcile the Airfare, Hotel and Car rental expenses)

Creating a Student Expense report (students expensing Student travel card transactions and out of pocket reimbursements will use the instructions in this document)

Meals – Individual Actual meal expenses Vs Per diem reimbursement