Expensing Cancelled Travel

In efforts to simplify and streamline the expense report process we have recently updated the guidelines for cancelled tickets originally purchased through Concur or Anthony travel.

As soon as you know that your trip needs be cancelled, reach out to Anthony travel to request the cancellation and request a refund.

  • If the cancellation results in a refund where the Travel card was used for the purchase add both the original airfare charge and the refund to the expense report and submit for approval.
  • If the cancellation results in a refund where a personal card was used no expense report is required to be submitted as the refund will be issued directly to your personal card.
  • If the cancellation instead result in an airline credit add the original airfare charge to an expense report and submit for approval.
    1. Your airline credit will be in Anthony Travel’s UConn Travel Bank for your future use.
    2. If you have no future travel plans, advise Anthony travel to allow them to proceed with name changes on eligible tickets to allow other UConn travelers to use the credit so that it is not a lost value.
    3. If a name change occurs Anthony Travel will provide a report to the Accounts Payable department with the new KFS account the charges should be transferred to, which will be done via a General Ledger Transfer (GLT) in KFS after the concur expense report is fully approved.

Additional information:

  • On each expense report indicate in comments that the airfare expense is from a cancelled trip, also indicate if you have a future trip that you will be using the credit towards.

Cancelled airfare expenses are not allowed to be expensed to a research grant KFS accounts so travelers will need to enter either a IDC account or departmental account in Concur for processing. If the credit is reused in the future for a research grant related trip you can proceed to do a GLT in KFS at that time to transfer the charges to the grant KFS account.