Updates to the SAP Concur Mobile App

As a part of our organization’s effort to continue to improve user experience and security, and in alignment with SAP Concur solutions, there are some recent changes to the sign-in experience for the SAP Concur mobile app. You might use the app to submit expenses, capture receipts, book travel, and perform other tasks at home or on the go.


The next time you update the SAP Concur mobile app you will see:

  • An improved sign-in experience, guiding you through your options in two steps
  • No more option to sign in using your mobile PIN, if you have set one up
  • Biometric sign-in options (like fingerprint or face recognition) for Android devices as well as iOS devices, where supported.

Going forward, instead of signing into the SAP Concur Mobile App using a PIN, users will instead use the Single Sign On method, similar to how you currently log into Concur on the desktop website.


Please use the following updated training document when signing in on the SAP Concur mobile app to activate the Single Sign On log in method:


How To – A Guide for Mobile Applications


These important changes reaffirm our commitment to user experience while improving security for you and our business processes. We appreciate your support in using the SAP Concur mobile app, which allows you to perform tasks more quickly and efficiently—whether on the road or at home.


Please Note: The use of the SAP Concur Mobile App is not mandatory by UConn. This is completely optional and up to the user to decide if they would like to download the app to their mobile device. You can continue to use Concur via the desktop website versus the Concur Mobile App if preferred.


If you have any questions, please contact the UConn Travel Team at travel@uconn.edu .